How to get your cards activated:

Wallet Cards do not need to be activated, they work right away. Please make sure that the Ref Number on the Wallet Card is the same number as printed on the Private Key Card before using the wallet. If numbers don’t match DO NOT SEND coins to your wallet and please contact us right away!

Scratch Cards:
As soon as your payment is recieved and shipment is done from our site, you will get a mail which links to this site. So what to do now?

  1. When your shipment arrives, please check if everything is okay.
  2. There are security codes printed on the cards. If possible we’ll send you cards with security codes in sequential order:
    For example: 10001000 – 10002000
    In rare cases this is not possible so please check all the codes.
  3. Now, send us a mail to confirm[at]getprypto[dot]com or use the form below.
    Use the following text:“Hello Confirm-Team,
    the shipment with the order number “PUT_YOUR_ORDERNUMBER_HERE” arrived today! Please activate the cards with the following security codes: “PUT_YOUR_SECURITYCODES_HERE”. Thank you!”Your order number can be found on the invoice we send you via mail, security codes are printed on the cards
  4. As soon as we get your mail, we will activate all cards and respond with a confirmation!
  5. Done! Enjoy your Prypto Scratchcards!

If you want to use the form below, you can just put your order number and security codes in the required fields. Feel free to use the following text as message:

“Hello Confirm-Team,
the shipment with the order number I mentioned arrived today! Please activate the cards with the security codes I have submitted. Thank you!”

If you want to know why this needs to be done please read this.