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Prypto Scratch Card giveaway! Why? We are doing another giveaway because we want to pass along some Scratchcards! When? The giveaway starts immediately when this post goes public! What? This time we are giving away more prizes so that more people will win: First Prize: 1x 0.005 BTC Prypto Scratchcard & a voucher for 10% discount on your shopping cart if you order Second Prize: 3x 1000 DOGE Prypto Scratchcard & a voucher for .

Top Reseller of the Month

I am the top reseller of the month for April! This means i can provide a second custom pack order without the 2BTC fee! @whywefightnet Congratulations top #Reseller for April, you are entitled to a free 2BTC Fee Custom Card order as required. #Prypto — Prypto (@Prypto) May 1, 2014