Prypto Custom Pack

Prypto Scratch Card Custom Pack

Prypto’s Crypto Scratch Cards are a great way to promote your coin. You can sell them online or gift them to people offline, at cryptocurrency-related events for example. Or think about a real local airdrop! That’s all easy doing now!

The initial setup involves a wallet configuration and integrating your coin to the workflow of Prypto.

This service costs a fee for setting up the wallet, for custom branding and a fee per 1000 Cards (Called Custom Pack Fees -> CPF ). This might sound high at the first moment, but your coin will be added to Prypto permanently. This means follow-up orders by you or people interested in your coin won’t have that service fee attached to any order.

My offer for your Prypto Scratch Card Custom Pack

Here is an example for your coin (assuming you want 50 COIN on every card for 1000 Cards).

  • Costs for handling, costs for cards, normal fees, shipping -> 2.5 BTC (Put my URL “” in your design and the costs go down to 2.3 BTC) Price is calculated based on the ex-rate from 05.07.15 (DD.MM.YY)
  • Required COIN for cards (including transaction fees): 55000
That will give you 1000 Crypto Scratch Cards for your very own cryptocurrency!

Sounds reasonable, right? Take your cryptocurrency to the next level with Prypto’s Crypto Scratch Cards! Together we can prepare everything for your first order.

Requirements (normal custom pack requirements):

  • Coin must be listed on an exchange to qualify for Custom Package.
  • Open Source Wallet available publicly to be downloaded as both Windows and Linux QT Builds.
  • CPF applied per Custom Package order in addition to our normal fees and shipping.
  • 1,000 Card Minimum Order.
  • Coins for the Crypto Scratch Cards to be deposited after Wallet Setup.
  • 600 dpi Coin Logo Required, if it concerns a Coin we do not currently offer.
  • Shipping takes on average 21 Days once your Coins are deposited to Wallet.

How it works:

  1. After setting up the deal, I will place the order at Prypto.
  2. I will get a payment address from Prypto which I’ll send to you. Verification from Prypto that it’s really their payment address is possible!
  3. You will now send the Bitcoins directly to this address. I will give you a notice if the transfer is confirmed.
  4. Prypto will start setting up your wallet and test it. Meanwhile, I’ll need the artwork for the logo and if you wish to customize the backside of the cards, I need those graphics too also in 600dpi.
  5. As soon as the wallet is up and running, I will pass you the wallet address. The total amount of coins issued for those cards needs to be deposited to this address. Verification from Prypto that this is the wallet they set up is possible, too.
  6. As soon as the coins are in the wallet, printing of cards will start, this will take approximately 21 days.
  7. After the printing, the cards will be shipped to you.
  8. When you received the cards, you will give me a feedback that everything is fine. I will activate all cards.
  9. That’s it.

If you have any questions at all, please don’t hesitate to contact me via the form below.

Use this sample to fit the design. The scratchfield, security code and the logo on the back can not bemoved!
Custom Pack Design Sample