FAQs Page

When do the Crypto Scratch Cards Expire?
Our Crypto Scratch Cards have an expiry date of 5 Years on them from the date of printing, providing that the code has not been used.
What happens if I damage or lose my card?
GetPrypto.com is not responsible for any damage to, or loss of your card. However, you may still be able to redeem the card by contacting us and providing your purchase receipt.
I lost my Crypto Scratch Card, what now?
Providing you have noted down your Crypto Scratch Card’s Security Code, you can contact us in order to request more details on how to Redeem the card. We need your Ordernumber! Please send a mail to lost[at]getprypto[dot]com
We want our Coin listed on Prypto, how do we do this?
Please check this or send a mail to custompack[at]getprypto[.]com
How can I check that my Crypto Scratch Card has not been used?
We have a Validate Crypto Scratch Card service at http://cryptoscratchcards.com that allows you to enter in the security code, and it will respond to confirm the status of the Crypto Scratch Card.
How many times can I use my Crypto Scratch Card?
You can redeem the Crypto Scratch Card only once, when it has been used the Prypto Code is no longer valid.
Where can I use my Crypto Scratch Card?
You can redeem the Crypto Scratch Card at http://cryptoscratchcards.com, or check our Merchant Directory for Merchants who accept Prypto.
What is a Prypto Code?
The code that is printed on each Crypto Scratch Card is referred to as a Prypto Code.
What is Prypto?
Prypto is a Payment services operator (Payments for Crypto), that enhances and expands the Crypto Currency marketplace of today. Prypto creates an easy and familiar environment for everyday consumers to acquire Crypto Currencies off-line. We give consumers direct access to deposit Crypto Currencies into Retail, Gaming and Online Marketplaces with ease.