Giveaway – Prypto Custom Pack: The Moonbatch arrived today!

Giveaway – Prypto Custom Pack: The Moonbatch arrived today!

Today we found something really awesome in our mailbox. A quite heavy package, around 5kg,  containing no less than 1000 Prypto Dogecoin Scratch Cards. Each card has a value of 1000 Doge each. You did the math correct; thats one million dogecoins!


But that’s not something special as we get a lot packages from Prypto. We wanted to know firsthand how it works to set up a custom pack, so we did it. Its nothing difficult but it is kinda neat.


Of course the custom cards will be added to the shop for sale with options to buy larger amounts and get huge discounts. But first, we want to give away 25 Cards (25000 Dogecoins)!


You will get the cards for free, just pay for shipping. How do you get your hands on one of those cards without paying for it? Easy! Open the getprypto shop and look for the product “moonbatch” or just simply click this link. Put it in your cart, use the following coupon – “alreadyonthemoon” – on the cart page then procede with the checkout.


You will notice that the price for the card has gone to zero and only shipping (and paypal fees if you pay via paypal) is left. Finish your order and just wait for your free moonbatch card.


As soon as we receive your payment the card will be shipped!


NOTE: You can only order one card per coupon and you are only allowed to order one card per person. If you want more cards, please wait until the cards are added as a regular product. The coupon is valid only 25 times, so hurry! After 25 puchases the coupon won’t work anymore.

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