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Prypto Maxcoin Scratch Card 20 MAX

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A maxcoin Prypto Scratch Card with a value of 20 MAX per card.

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Product Description

A Prypto Maxcoin Scratch Card with a value of 10 MAX per card.

Details about Prypto Maxcoin Scratch Cards

The cards have a value of 10 MAX per card. There is a Prypto Code, wich needs to be scratched of and a Security code. Both are needed to redeem the coins.

About Maxcoin

In the Keiser Report episode 555 Max interviewed Jordan Fish and Luke Mitchell about the creation and launch of a new cryptocurrency called MaxCoin. The virtual currency developed by students and staff at the University of Bristol and supported by Max himself aims to compete with Bitcoin as a future medium of exchange and store of value in the digital world. Maxcoin has a Marketcap around $ 1,376,224.

Tech Specs (updated 18.05.14)

Genesis Block CreatedThursday, February 06, 2014 20:19:59 GMT
IconMaxcoin (MAX) Crypto Currency
Symbol / TagMAX
Github / Source CodeGithub
Client Versionv0.9.1.0-g8c5e74e-beta

Get Info RPC
Version: 90100
Protocol Version: 70001
Wallet Version: 60000
Hash AlgorithmKeccak
Proof-of-Work SchemeProof-of-Work
Coins to be Issued100,000,000
Block Time30.00 second(s)
Block Reward48.00coins
Difficulty Retarget1 blocks

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