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Prypto MonetaryUnit Scratch Card 2000 MUE

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Product Description

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A Prypto MonetaryUnit Scratch Card with a value of 2000 MUE per card.

Details about Prypto MonetaryUnit Scratch Cards

MonetaryUnit (MUE) was set up to be a friendly and easily accessible cryptocurrency.

It’s friendly, dedicated community welcomes newcomers from all backgrounds, and are always there to help, support and promote the philosophy of MUE:
To be accessible to all.
To be fair and equal.
To promote social tolerance and acceptance.
To help improve the adoption and understanding of digital currencies.
To be fun :)
There is a growing momentum behind this project, and many see it as being an almost unmissable opportunity to invest in MonetaryUnit.
If you want to access a friendly community with stable long term growth goals and expansion, then why not invite someone into this project by sending them a gift of a MUE scratch card.
MUE. for

Tech Specs (updated 16.02.15)

Symbol / TagMUE
Github / Source Code
Client Versionv1.0

Get Info RPC
Version: 1060000
Protocol Version: 70002
Hash AlgorithmQuark
Proof-of-Work SchemeProof-of-Work
Coins to be Issued1,000,000,000,000,000,000
Block Time40 Seconds
Block Reward40 Coins
Difficulty Retarget10 Blocks


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