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Prypto Vertcoin Scratch Card 10 VTC

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A Vertcoin Prypto Scratch Card with a value of 10 VTC per card.

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Product Description

A Prypto Vertcoin Scratch Card with a value of 10 VTC per card.

Details about Prypto Vertcoin Scratch Cards

The cards have a value of 10 VTC per card. There is a Prypto Code, wich needs to be scratched of and a Security code. Both are needed to redeem the coins.

About Vertcoin

Vertcoin was never pre-mined before its release in 2014 and is Multipool resistant due to its innovative Scrypt-N hashing algorithm. Vertcoin is currently the 14th-largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization,which is around $4,608,294 USD as of 17 May 2014.

Vertcoin was released on January 8, 2014 by “Bushido“. Bushido has worked for major companies such as Accenture and Microsoft as a developer, and has returned to education as a masters student at Johns Hopkins. Vertcoin was a fork of the Litecoin-Qt client, differing primarily by having an adaptive proof-of-work (PoW) algorithm to help keep the currency decentralised and more stable. In using a different algorithm, the use of multi-pools to mine the currency is not profitable.

A 2014 released International Business Times article mentions Vertcoin as a potential Bitcoin successor. The article notes that it, “Hopes to offer an alternative. By taking the foundations of Bitcoin and making some adjustments, Vertcoin punishes miners who use powerful machines and work together in ‘pools’ to monopolise the mining market.”

Bushido also created a Vertcoin Pool List on, which automatically refreshes every two minutes. Smaller pools are shown at the top of the list and larger pools at the bottom of the list. This essentially “prevent[s] a miner jumping to the biggest pool.

Tech Specs (updated 18.05.14)

Genesis Block CreatedFriday, January 10, 2014 03:16:06 GMT
IconVertcoin (VTC) Crypto Currency
Symbol / TagVTC
Github / Source CodeGithub
Client Versionv0.8.7.1-beta

Get Info RPC
Version: 80701
Protocol Version: 70002
Wallet Version: 60000
Hash AlgorithmScrypt-Adaptive-Nfactor
Proof-of-Work SchemeProof-of-Work
Coins to be Issued84,000,000
Block Time2.50 minute(s)
Block Reward50.00coins
Difficulty Retarget1 blocks

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