Prypto Worldcoin Scratch Card Single

Prypto Worldcoin Scratchcard 200 WDC

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A Worldcoin Prypto Scratchcard with a value of 200 WDC per card.

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Product Description

A Prypto Worldcoin Scratch Card with a value of 200 WDC per card.

Details about Prypto Worldcoin Scratch Cards

The cards have a value of 200 WDC per card. There is a Prypto Code, wich needs to be scratched of and a Security code. Both are needed to redeem the coins.

About Worldcoin

Worldcoin is currently the fastest cryptocurrency using protocols similar to Bitcoin in the advanced digital currency world. Whereas Bitcoin will require up to 20 minutes to confirm a payment, Worldcoin transactions have a target completion at just 30 seconds, rivalling the speed of credit card transactions. This makes Worldcoin unique, with limitless potential in daily retail usage, while Bitcoin is more limited to online payment only, though this is not the only advantage Worldcoin has over most digital currencies.

The Worldcoin Alliance represents a group of motivated Worldcoin users who decided to step up and volunteer their time and expertise to develop Worldcoin into a legitimate alternative currency. Our members come from all over the world including the U.S., Canada, Netherlands, Hong Kong, Finland and Austria.
The current Marketcap of Worldcoin is around $ 1,500,875.

Tech Specs (updated 18.05.14)

Genesis Block CreatedTuesday, May 14, 2013 04:13:21 GMT
IconWorldcoin (WDC) Crypto Currency
Symbol / TagWDC
Github / Source CodeGithub
ForumWorldcoin Forum
Client Versionv0.8.5.1-g55c5572-RC

Get Info RPC
Version: 80501
Protocol Version: 70001
Wallet Version: 60000
Hash AlgorithmScrypt
Proof-of-Work SchemeProof-of-Work
Coins to be Issued265,420,800
Block Time30.00 second(s)
Block Reward45.47540666coins
Difficulty Retarget120 blocks

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