Prypto Crypto Wallet Cards …soon available!

Prypto Crypto Wallet Cards

We are a bit late on the news but we wont let it pass:

One of the things the consumers, reseller and (potential) Prypto investors have enquired about, is whether or not Prypto would create a physical Crypto wallet.  On monday they shot out great news!

Physical Prypto wallets will initially be available for Bitcoin, DogeCoin and WorldCoin.. The wallet product line will be called “Crypto Wallet Cards”. which keeps it in the same trend as “Crypto Scratch Cards”. Of course custom brands will be possible.

How they look like

Prypto Crypto Wallet Card

On these Crypto Wallet Cards, you will have a public address for the currency you ordered in both regular text and QR code form, and the private key, which is hidden behind a “scratch off” area. Once scratched off, you will see your private key as a QR code.

What makes these Crypto Wallet Cards even more interesting and innovative, is the fact that the card itself can be detached. For safekeeping, you can also attach your Crypto Wallet Card to your keyring.

Prypto will not keep records of issued private keys, meaning it is up to the users to keep these safe and secure. In the unfortunate event of you losing your private key, Prypto will not be able to help you retrieve it. All private keys will be generated offline.

Pre-order possible

If you are interested in obtaining a Crypto Wallet Card, we glad to tell you this: As soon as pricings are put up, we will accept pre-orders for the Wallet Cards.

Crypto Wallet Cards themselves will be available on July 1st 2014.

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