Become a GetPrypto VIP!

Here at GetPrypto we care a lot about you as our customer. Not only will we be giving you the greatest deals for Prypto products, we‘ve thought about how we could reward you for shopping with us.The answer is pretty simple become a VIC!

What is a VIP?

A VIP is a very important customer! Dont misunderstand us, all our customers are important to us but you can make sure we provide you that extra personal attention! By becoming a VIC and shopping often, you will now get rewarded!

How do you become a VIP?

Its pretty simple. During your order you will be asked to create an account on If you choose this option, you will be made a VIP! 

How will you get rewarded?

All you have to do is keep shopping! Every four months we will check all sales which were made per customer and sum it up. You will then get a coupon which will give you a percentage discount on your next order based on your total order value for those previous four months. The more you shop, the higher your discount will be!
Up to 100 Euro -> 2%
Between 100 to 200 Euro -> 3.25%
More than 300 Euro -> 5%
You can also hold on to your discount coupon if you want to save it for a big purchase later. Coupons don’t expire! You could even save them up and use several at once! So what are you waiting for? Start shopping, become a VIP and get your discount!
NOTE: Costs for shiping will not be included in calculations of your coupon!