Do Kwon: Why This Group Of 4,400 Crypto Investors Are Hunting Down The CEO

Do Kwon, the shamed crypto genius who co-founded Terraform Labs, will likely soon face justice from an angry investor. This desperate individual has taken matters into their own hands by trying to track down Do Kwon to get revenge.

As the South Korean national alludes capture, investors who lost money in the Terra Crash are growing more frustrated by the day. The May crash cost around $40 billion tocrypto market investors in a span of days.

Consequently, this created an opportunity for people who invest in cryptocurrency to search for Do Kwon cooperatively and systematically until he is found.

The UST Restitution Group (URG) is made up of around 4,400 members who are now actively following every detail and piece of information as to where the Interpol Red-Noticed crypto top honcho might be.

As of now, Do Kwon might be hiding in Dubai, Russia, Azerbaijan, Seychelles or Mauritius based on the evidence collected by URG members. The team communicates and organizes their efforts through Discord.

But based on recent activities involving the Terra founder such as his suspicious transfer of 3,313 Bitcoin to two overseas crypto exchanges just last month, a number of crypto retail investors believe he might be trying to flee the country.

According to a reliable source, the place is crypto-friendly due to its lenient regulations. The Emirati city might have been the perfect place for Do Kwon to facilitate the BTC transfers since it has limited extradition treaties.

URG has the chance to confirm this theory, as one of their members, Kang Hyung-suk, is flying to the United Arab Emirates in an attempt to find Do Kwon.

If Kwon doesn’t watch out, this could get ugly fast. Kang has already made it clear that he’s going to take justice into his own hands, and he’s asking other investors to join him in hunting down Terra Lab employees. If they catch anyone from the company, it won’t be pretty.

It would appear the once high-flying crypto expert is playing mind games with authorities as he denies being sought after by prosecutors and cops.

On September 27, 2022, Do Kwon responded to a Twitter comment asking his whereabouts by saying he was in his living room “writing code.”

Kwon’s location on social media said he was in Singapore, but that was quickly debunked by the city-estate’s police.

As the founder of Terra continues to evade arrest, the URG will continue to pursue clues that will determine his whereabouts. For now, attention is on Kang Hyung-suk as he embarks on a mission to find the elusive big-time crypto figure.